About Sidestreet Foisy

Sir Name: Carl Foisy has been issued several aliases by friends n family: Sidestreet Foisy is one of them along with; 'Lito, Cadillac Carl, Mr. San Jose, Big Lobster, TDW, Knuckles B McCrackin, Team 106 and a few others. A message from Carl: 'I enjoy positive energies, open honest conversation and sharing knowledge that Ive been so lucky to obtain throughout my (so far) short life. I'm a workaholic and a big evangelist of digital media, data science and honest web guidance. I love being a husband, father, friend, handyman, bocce aficionado and human like you.'

19th Annual Over The Hill Tournament

A few of us travelled to Scotts Valley for the 19th almost annual Over The Hill Tournament last Friday.  Despite a valiant effort, the Scotts Valley men and women managed to eke out a victory.  We were even on games until the fifth game but games do not count.  We use a total point format to remove some of the competitiveness and promote a more friendly atmosphere.  Scotts Valley did a great job hosting and put on a great event.  We will be hosting next year.  Here are some photos of the wonderful event.