Bagnato Bocce is Bad News

Well gents, its raining this afternoon which means that our normal Thursday night shenanigans has been foiled. DAMN RAIN!

On a positive note, the forecast for next week is better and we’ll be gathering at John Ross’s. Excellent!

Side note: Next Thursday (at John R’s) will be our last Thursday on the rotation schedule of Club member homes and we will begin gathering at Oak Meadow Park starting Nov 17th.

Have a great weekend fellas!


2 thoughts on “Bagnato Bocce is Bad News

  1. I did the winter list last year for those of us who don’t have courts, but since there aren’t enough Thursdays before we restart at the homes in mid March, I had to arbitrarily put 2 guys to host on some of the Thursdays. For this I took a lot of flack because of my choices for the double up. Therefore, let someone else come up with the listing this time. I promise I won’t complain. Bill S.

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