No Wind, No Stones, No Tunes

I might speak for all 9 of us when I say that last night at Oakmeadow was great! Ken brought 3 tri-tips that were grilled to a perfect medium-rare to medium temperature. We had the propane heaters, plenty of food, Shady Oak and pecan pie.

As the title suggests, there were a few things we did without. First and foremost, there was No Wind. It was a gorgeous night and there was the faintest of chills in the air. Very pleasant indeed. Second, there were no stones. Fortunately we all have fingers and know how to count, so we ‘Did it by the numbers’. Thirdly, we had no tunes. Accidentally Rolando forgot the radio at home, so we were forced to listen to each-other. Oh Brother…

The absence of these three variables did not slow us down. We didn’t need rocks to help us separate teams. We didn’t need music to supply friendly atmospheric tones. We definitely didn’t want the wind to begin with. In actuality, the absence of these variables might have allowed us to have a more fulfilling and interactive evening together. We laughed more, talked more and had more fun all around. We missed those who couldn’t make it out, but we did the best with what we had and it was wonderful!


On a side note, Rich had a fun slideshow/PowerPoint to share of some really nice older custom cars. Since we had a decent amount of conversation about classics and car collections last night, Im sure you’ll all appreciate this slideshow.


Enjoy and we’ll see eachother at Oakmeadow!


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