Oak Meadow Finale Live

Live update from Oak Meadow:
Cheerful accordion music, plenty of food and Vino, awesome weather and

great camaraderie.

After reviewing the list of 16 names we realize that there’re some names that are missing and that we miss seeing on that list. Next week starts the rotation of club member home courts (starting with Rolando’s) and we look forward to seeing as many Los Gatos Bocce Club members as possible in the coming weeks and months.



On a sidenote big thanks to Paul from Scotts Valley for fixing the electrical on the court, and another big thanks to John for fixing the wooden cover around electrical unit.


1 thought on “Oak Meadow Finale Live

  1. Looking forward to next week at Rolandos. Now am nursing bronchitis, finishing antibiotics. My nurse (Lucy) won’t let me out in the cold night air!!! Rich
    Hope you can get the accordion player next week, along with John Ross and his harmonica.

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