LGBC Vest Order

Hello LGBC,

We are almost ready to place the order for the
vests that the club will be buying for all members. The vests will have a nylon windbreaker outer shell with a black fleece lining. The vote at Rolando’s house two weeks ago was to have the outer shell red. The vest can also be reversed with the fleece on the outside.

Please let me know as soon as possible what size you need. The vests will be similar to the red Campo di Bocce vests that Rolando and I have. Ours are sized XL. You can try Rolando’s or mine to see if you need a larger or smaller vest. If you already know your size, let me know. My vest is a little roomy and I plan to order a large this time. I will bring the list to Tony’s tonight, weather permitting.

As soon as we have everyone’s size, we will place the order!

John R


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