Win Some, Lose Some

We all eventually win some and lose some. In this last week, we’ve seen a lot of this. Here are some examples:

At Tony’s place last Thursday, Red Won some and Green Lost some. Red 4 / Green 1. Check the Red vs. Green page for the current totals.

We also heard from John Font. He’s currently winning in the game of life! We all hope for a quick recovery and look forward to seeing his smiling face and hear is laughing voice again very soon. (For those that didn’t hear, John bought himself a sweet new pace maker.)

On the losing side of things, John Ross mentioned that he got himself lost in the shopping mall last week. John and Bob gave a suggestion to use the emergency button on your key chain remote. This would allow you to hear the car alarm in order to find your car in a big parking lot. Another suggestion would be to enter the mall with a big bag of pistachios and simply follow your trail of shells back to your car.

Lastly, our friend Elmer was on both sides. He won and he lost. Lets start with the bad news, he lost all of his contacts from his cell phone. Its obvious that his mobile phone is not a Timex because it stopped ticking. I emailed him the entire contact list for our LGBC. On the bright side, Elmer was also a winner because last week at Tony’s he took his first shot (not liquor, but bocce) and we were all very happy to be there. Do you remember your first shot?


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