Bocce Season Is Open

We have a slight change in our Thursday Night Bocce regiment for June 28, 2012. We will be playing at Tony’s instead of John R’s. As Scotty put it, the good bocce players will be at Tony’s next week!

Also, with several bocce tournaments and championships just around the corner, here are some quick updates/reminders:

Saturday, July 14th is the Cabrini Tournament which LGBC members are playing in.

Saturday, August 18th is the Los Gatos Bocce Club Raffa Tournament. If you are interested in playing please contact John R.

Lastly, on Labor Day Weekend in Livermore is the 2012 USBF Western Sector Bocce Club Championships. Our fearless president suggested that our Club have at least 3 teams present. The prize purse is $3000. Read More About The Championship Here.

Tonight was awesome at Andy’s. Great food, tasty vino, fun times and we finished our fifth game by 9pm. The sky was still lit naturally and the climate was very nice and comfortable. What a gorgeous evening!

Red 3 / Green 2…which brings Red and Green neck and neck at 26. Maybe Duino was right after-all….

I know you guys like the pics I send, so here are a few more. Enjoy!


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