Bread and Blessings by Fr. Bruno

Tonight we received a spunky package from Italy named Father Bruno. Back in business, Bruno brought a big batch of beautifully baked authentic

focaccia bread. Mama Mia it was tasty! Bruno also gave Duino a blessing early on in the evening (see pic below).

Beyond the news of our special guest, we’d like to recognize Andy for doing such a great job hosting tonight. The court was beautiful, the music was great, the pasta was delicious (as always) and the evening overall was phenomenal! In saying this we shouldn’t leave out the other members who graciously host our Thursday nights week after week….I am confident that I speak for the entire LGBC in saying ‘Thank you very much, we appreciate your hospitality and truly love our friendship and common love for the sport of bocce! Thank you gents!’

Lastly, an announcement was made by Rolando tonight regarding new black Los Gatos Bocce Club polo shirts. If you’d like one, let John R know your shirt size. Our next email update will include more specifics but it’s roughly $32 per shirt.







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