Back in Rotation

Coming to you live from Tony’s Court, tonight is the second night we’ve been back in rotation of playing at member home courts. The 2014 schedule has been added to our website (see Schedule in the menu) and as normal there’s plenty of Pizza, vino, Mary’s awesome pasta (Oh my goodness it was tasty) and as expected, shenanigans.

Thanks to our recent time change and the phenomenal weather, our regular Thursday evenings have been fantastic. But again, it’s always a good night of bocce when Tony yells at the balls, Duino curses in Italian, Bob brings stuffed olives and Rolando reminds everyone ‘Don’t be short’ because ‘short is no good’.

With 18 names on the list there’s plenty of bocce for everyone. Nonetheless, there’s a number of member we miss seeing these beautiful Thursday nights.



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