Oct 3, 2011 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was convened at 6:45 at Campo di Bocce on Monday, Oct. 3, 2011.

Members present – President- Rolando Negrini, Secretary- Tom Albanese, Treasurer- Marino Cosentino, John Ross, Joe Spiteri and Bill Schilifer.

Marino reported that there is $2511.43 in the bank account and that we would spend approximately $550 on the Crab dinner to be held this week. Rolando brought up 2 topics that he wanted to discuss on the agenda. The first being the subject of the World Bocce Championships to be held next May 2012 at Campo di Bocce in Livermore. He brought a motion that the Los Gatos Bocce Club should be a sponsor at some level to have recognition in the program and a banner that displays our logo and Best of Luck wishes to all countries participating. The subject was discussed and decided that a minimum of $1000 should be set aside for a sponsorship to show our support for the World Games. It was also brought up and discussed that there should be a point person in our Club for all of our members that may want to volunteer to help the week of the games. Scott Holt was considered and was to be asked by Rolando to see if he could be that person. The second subject for discussion was the term of the president and that the 4 year term for Rolando was expiring on 12/31/2011. The board held a separate caucus without Rolando and after much discussion it was unanimously decided to re-elect Rolando for an additional 4 years. When Rolando re-entered the room he was asked if he would like to be our President again for the next 4 year- he accepted graciously. Also it was discussed and approved that Rolando was to appoint another member of the Club to be on the board to fill the vacancy or Rich Salice. No other business was discussed and the meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.


2 thoughts on “Oct 3, 2011 Meeting Minutes

  1. Carl,
    Thank you so much for putting this website together. It is GREAT! I knew you were talented, but this clearly is over the top!


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