2012 Annual Dinner

Dinner was awesome! If you expected anything less you would’ve been disappointed. As normal we had a blast, plenty of food and plenty of



Is this the first time Rolando’s smiling face has been on the Internet?
Who knows?…The bottom line is that we all had a great time.

On a side note, I told Rolando that he was going to go viral on the World Wide Web…. he said that he was not interested in getting sick. Perfect….

Lastly, we found out tonight that our Los Gatos Bocce Club will be 28 years old this coming June. And it’s been a fun ride….Cheers to the next 28!


2 thoughts on “2012 Annual Dinner

  1. Great job Carl. One problem, how do you get 30 years for the LGBC? We moved into our home on Bonnie Lane in 1984, and started casually playing that year. There was no bocce club before our court. About 2-3 years later, Richard helped Rolando lay out his court.
    Ciao for now, Lucy

    • Hi Lucy, please send me the info and I can easily change the post. I also think that we should have as much LGBC History or Stories to add for nostalgic and legacy preservation reasons….so if you have anything else to contribute, that would be much appreciated. Thanks again Lucy for the quality control on this post.

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