Who Cares About May Flowers?!

April Showers Bring May Flowers….well I say

‘to-hell with May flowers!…I want to play Bocce!’

If you haven’t been outside today, let me tell you…..its raining. Which means that bocce tonight is canceled. Booo, hissss, boooo to the rain.

Plus I had a good new joke to share. Its an Easter joke, so Ill tell it now before we get too far away from Easter that its irrelevant.

Why does the Easter Bunny hide Eggs?

He doesn’t want people to know hes sleeping the a chicken….


1 thought on “Who Cares About May Flowers?!

  1. It’sclear and sunny in East Los Gatos, but I can imagine that Maurino’s court may be a bit sloggy after the recent rains. It’s tough to miss a night when my game is just peaking. Ha!


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