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Hey there LGBC, I received a USBF Western Sector Newsletter and our club had some notable mentions I thought Id share (for those how may have not received the message). Ive attached a large PDF that includes some nice pics of our members along with some additional Western Sector tournament info. Enjoy!

By the way – Green won 2 games last week….making it 8 Red to 9 Green….its a close one.

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Hello One and all

The May edition of the USBF Western Sector Newsletter is out and ready for your perusal.

We start this month out revisiting what I thought was a great tournament, and worth a second look; the Women’s Open Tournament, held on March 31st.

Los Gatos Bocce Club had a tournament at Campo di Bocce Los Gatos on April 14th. LGBC tournament was our first venture into USBF sanctioned bocce competition last Aug 20TH, but even though it wasn’t a full year ago, it is somewhat of a milestone for Mezzanotte Luna, one of the teams from the Monterey Bocce Federation. Last year we wrote about making new friends there. This year we spent a lot of time visiting with old friends. I tell ya, bocce sure is a great sport in more ways than one. Not only is it fun, but you tend to expand your friendship base in a hurry.

Alfredo Herrera joined the ranks of contributors with his photo essay on the April 7th Open at Waterloo Stockton. He’s also told us he’ll do more for future issues, which is a plus for the newsletter.

Our Northwest Bocce section covers a big event this month; the 10th Annual Bellingham Bay Bocce Tournament in Bellingham, Washington. Larry Cereghino reports on a tournament held in an indoor soccer field on courts without walls. Joy of Bocce author Mario Pagnoni competed and came in fourth.

The South San Francisco Italian American Citizens Club and the East Portal Bocce Club weighed in with their first tournaments of the 2012 schedule.

We also have a few commentaries and other bits of bocce stuff, so sit back with mouse in hand and look at what you and your friends have been doing this past month.


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USBF May 2012 Newsletter PDF here: May 2012


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