Did You Say Vesta?

Tonight was a success! With an early scare of bad

weather and a potential shift to Oakmeadow Park in our views early this afternoon…. the sky cleared up and we had a beautiful spring evening.

Besides the beautiful evening we also got some great news and a pleasant surprise when John arrived with new Los Gatos Bocce Club vests! With a bright red water resistant outer-shell and soft internal fleece lining, they are both comfortable and functional sense they are reversible. Most importantly they boast the Los Gatos Bocce Club logo proudly on the chest. Big thanks to John R for bringing the vests.

On a side note, Bill F brought a cool piece of memorabilia from his Navy days….his ship, clipping at 25 knots, hit a 40ft whale. You don’t see that everyday.

Back to business, both our new vests and the evening are fantastic….Viva LGBC!

Ps….3 Green / 2 Red tonight.





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