3 Couples Want To Join

Here is a funny joke that Rolando shared later this
evening. It’s worth having 2 posts in 1 day…..and its a semi-clean joke.

Three couples are trying to join a religion. A 30 year old couple, a 50 year old couple and a 70 year old couple.
The Reverend tells each couple that they must not have sex for three weeks in order to join the religion. Each couple agrees and heads home.
Three weeks later they arrived back to meet with the Reverend. The Rev starts with the 70 year old couple.
“How did you two do?” he asks.
They reply “We did great!”
Reverend replies “Great, you two are in.”
Then the Reverend asks the 50 year old couple.
“How did you two do?”
They reply “No problem here!”
Reverend replies “Great, you to are in.”
Then he asks the 30 year old couple.
How did you two do?
They reply “Well, we almost made it….just yesterday my wife was reaching for a can of beans….I took one look at her rear-end and couldn’t help myself. I attacked her and we has sex right on the spot.”
The Reverend says, “Well unfortunately we can not welcome you into our religion.”
The 30 year old couple says, “Yeah well we’re not welcome back to Safeway either!”



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