Change, Safety and Love

This entry brings
change, safety and love.

Change: Next week is canceled because of league schedule changes due to the Madden Mariucci tournament. We hope those not in a league or participating in the Madden Mariucci tourney understand. Everything will pick up as normal come June 14th per our schedule. We will not meet at Bert’s next Thursday.

Safety: We need All 32 members to sign a waiver to play at the Oakmeadow Park. Otherwise our club would need to get insurance to play at Oakmeadow. In this case everybody who plays (Saturday Mornings and Winter Season schedule) must sign the waiver, including guests (we will have extra waivers on hand at the park for when we have guests). Any questions or alternate considerations should be directed to the Board of Directors.

Love: Thoughts and prayers go out to Ken and his family. Tonight we all shared a moment of silence for Ken. Condolences from the club to Ken and his family. If you’re reading this Ken, we love you very much.

Change, safety and love….three things that keep us moving in this world.

Peace and love to all.



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