Pitching Tents Over Bocce

I’m like the rest of you…I love bocce. But Ive never been so excited that I pitched a tent over some bocce courts! Keep it clean fellas…

John Ross wrote a great article about the public courts at the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. It seems a few people decided to go camping there and pitched their tents, tent stakes and all, right on the courts. The first photo in his article would break the heart of any bocce aficionado. But all is well now thanks to John, Benji Tosi and Rolando Negrini. (attached PDF June 2012 has complete article…nice work John and Rolando)


Here is a link to a You Tube video made by Peter Zepponi during the restoration of the bocce courts in San Francisco.  The courts were badly damaged in the fall of 2011 by the “Occupy San Francisco” movement.  It shows the step by step process that we used to place a new topping on the courts. Check out the “guru” Rolando, our club president and the inventor of the process!


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