A Bakers Dozen For Oakmeadow

Everyone here knows that a bakers dozen is 13. My dad used to tell me that the 13th donut was specifically for the drive home. Bottom line is that 13 is a perfect number for this post because we have 12 more weeks of member hosted Thursdays and the 13th week (a bakers dozen away) from now will be our first week at Oakmeadow for our normal Thursday night bocce fun. As normal we will have a signup sheet coming in a few weeks for members to commit to hosted evenings at the park, so please begin to think about the dates that could work for you between Nov 15th and the first week of March 2013.

As far as the last bakers dozen of weeks, Thursday night bocce has been super fun and full of excitement. Our weekly players sheet has been plentiful and the camaraderie has been phenomenal. From rolling ever so gingerly at Andy’s and John’s, to reading the perfect line at Bert’s and Marino’s, the last few months have been amazing.

Lastly, I wanted to announce that our weekly schedule is now on LosGatosBocceClub.com. Just click the top ‘Schedule’ link and you will see the up to date info on where and when we will see each other in Thursday evenings.


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