LGBC Local Celebrity

Every year the Italian American Heritage Foundation puts together a festival to celebrate being
Italian, the Italian American Family Festa! The last few years of the Festa have taken place at and around the newly designated San Jose Little Italy near Downtown San Jose. This year the folks at SJ Little Italy added a very cool detail in and around the Family Festa grounds and Little Italy to celebrate and recognize notable Italian American’s who have helped shape Silicon Valley. These new details are banners hanging on light posts. Well, it looks like the Cosentino Family made the cut!

See the picture below and if you are interested in seeing the banner in person, the Italian American Family Festa is happening this weekend (Aug 25-26, 2012).

(Ps, could someone let Marino know?)




1 thought on “LGBC Local Celebrity

  1. Hi Carl,

    Pls give my best to the gang. We are in Russia, having a great time on the river cruise. Moscow was amazing. People are very friendly, good looking women too! Will be back in Sept.

    Take care,


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