Live from Oak Meadow

17 Los Gatos Bocce Club members (most in red vests) eating, talking, laughing and playing bocce on a clear February evening. Mike R served up a delicious pork dish with beans and rice. Everyone filled their bellies with warm food and tasty vino before we distributed stones to the first lucky 12 players.

Normal shenanigans and conversations over ‘don’t be short’ or ‘take the angle’ echoed throughout Oak Meadow. Jim Croce and traditional Italian tunes filled the air while all members present were having a pleasant time together.

By this time our larger than normal group thinned down to 8 diehards, and we had a fun opportunity to play ‘Italians vs The Other Guys’. In this case the ‘Italians’ consisted of 4 full-blooded Italians (Aldo, Fred, Marino and Rolando) while ‘The Other Guys’ was comprised of those who were not full-blooded and in-fact a mixed breed (Bob, Carl, John and John). In the end, The Other Guys won 12-7, but we don’t talk about it much.

With 1 more week left at Oak Meadow on our schedule, this winter season was action packed. Between phenomenally unexpected calm weather to blustery rain, the covered and heated Oak Meadow court treated us nicely.




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