Our Story Of Bocce By Lucy A

It was 1984, Richard turned 50, and we had just moved into the home he built on Bonnie Lane. One of the first things he did was build a Bocce Court, at that time very

rare in Los Gatos. My brother Toby S. had a court, so we knew what to work with.

Bill J, Jim D and Denis Giordano came to give support and advice, then finally we Christened the new court.

From there, Thursday Night Bocce was born, along with the participation of Michael Del Monaco and Rolando N. Rolando’s father in law, Jim S, joined. Duino and Aldo G soon joined and brought Tom A, and Paul S. Through CASA Nick Tuttle and Dick O joined. Then Joe S, Sal S and Bill F. Richard met Marino C through his son in law Dave G.

Richard and Rolando gave the group the name: Los Gatos Bocce Club. Soon, Rolando had a court, then Marino’s court came on line. Richard made up the By-laws and the game calendar system, which is still used today. Tom A started Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos after a family trip to Abruzzi, Italy, and LGBC held their first tournament there on Feb. 15, 1997.

Richard and Rolando had started having a dinner every year in February, inviting the ladies to show appreciation for the food they sent, and not complaining about Bocce every Thursday night. They always gave each lady a beautiful rose.

In 2000, we moved away from Bonnie Lane and the beloved Bocce Court. The Thursday night game still lives on, in different courts belonging to Rolando, Marino, Tony F, Bert M, Andy J and John R. Since he no longer had a court, Richard stepped down as President of the LGBC. Rolando became President and remains so today.

The friendships, memories of members no longer with us, the sweatshirts and the colored shirts, will never be forgotten.



Privacy Notice: We purposely eliminated the full names of members still living. You can obtain a complete copy by request only.


4 thoughts on “Our Story Of Bocce By Lucy A

  1. Carl: This is similar to my story. I would appreciate it if you could read my copy before sending it out with my reference. Lucy

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Lucy, I received this from John R. The only edits I applied were to full names, I abbreviated the last name for privacy. I can email you the version that was delivered to me if youd like. Just let me know. Thank you

  2. Carl: On reading it over, it is very close, just looked so different with full names eliminated….. also, Denis Giordano has just one “n” in Denis. I vote for full names, it just makes more sense. Lucy

    Sent from my iPad

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