Member Gone Good

Attention LGBC Members. One of our member has gone and done something good….and all in the name of a friend who several of us may have crossed paths (or bocce courts) with at least once in our bocce adventures. This friend’s name is Vince and our youngest version of the Flora boys has decided to participate in the 3 Day Walk for the Cure with Vince in his heart. Here is what Flora Jr had to say:


I lost another friend to complications of breast cancer.  His name was Vince.

“Wait .. what?!”, I hear you say.  Yeah.  You read it right.

I can’t claim that Vince and I were extremely close friends, but we enjoyed each other’s company, and we shared a bocce court on numerous occasions.  He was a teammate of some good friends of mine, a darned good player, and *immensely* generous with his time.  He helped with getting courts built on his Catholic parish grounds.  He was instrumental in getting lighting installed over the court we use at the park.  He donated his time to run charity tournaments.  All in all, he was just an incredibly sweet guy.

Now that you’ve had time to pick your jaws up off the floor, you may have figured out why I chose to include Vince in my list of motivations for walking.  Yes, guys .. we can develop breast cancer too.  When we do, it’s usually a bad scene.  Because we don’t think about it, we don’t do self-examination the way our female counterparts are taught to do from an early age.  Mammograms?  Not terribly workable with what most guys carry around.  As a result, by the time we find it, it’s usually metastasized .. spread to other parts of the body.  That’s what happened with Vince, and it got ugly.

I’d like to think that hearing about Vince will motivate you to make a donation.  More importantly, though, I’m hoping it’ll get you guys out there to think about breast cancer from a new angle.

For as much energy as we spend trying to get our hands on a pair of boobies, get them on your own every now and then.  It might just save your life.



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