Bocce Club Pride

There are several reasons why we are proud to be members of Los Gatos Bocce Club. It could be the fact that we are a tight knit bunch and have limited membership or maybe the fact that some of our members have competed and won in World and National Bocce tournaments. We show our pride every time we wear our Los Gatos Bocce Club logo on our chest and every Thursday when we gather for fellowship and camaraderie. Well last week two of our members (Andy and Duino) gave us more solid reasons to be proud.

Last Thursday at John’s place we found out that Duino wasn’t going to be able to join us. Normally it’s a huge bummer when Duino can’t join us, but when we found out his reason why, we were actually more proud than bummed. Turns out that Duino will be with the Red Cross working with and helping victims of Hurricane Sandy for the next few weeks. In an email, Duino suggested that he could be there “Two to three weeks or maybe even longer.” We hope Duino travels and stays safe while working hard and helping these US citizens recover from this life changing disaster. Nonetheless, knowing that one of our own LGBC members is doing such an honorable thing has indeed given us more reason to have pride. Thanks Duino!

When it comes to loving a sport and doing everything we can to build a shining reputation for that sport and recreational activity, I think we all agree that Bocce has what it takes and its too obvious that we all love it. Well, our member Andy has taken his love and passion for bocce to the tech world! For 11 consecutive years Fortune Magazine has placed this hi-tech company in the Top 100 Best Companies To Work For (ranked 19th in latest review) and I believe that Andy has solidified one of the Top 100 Best Jobs within that company…teaching bocce! There is no getting around the fact that this is totally awesome. It’s also very awesome that Andy has the opportunity to introduce and teach bocce to those who may have never played and essentially strengthen the reputation of the sport we all love.

We have all contributed to the pride factor that our club has built, but most importantly we always keep our hearts and minds pointed in the right direction for the love of both bocce and for the love of our fellow man. A big cheers to Duino and Andy for giving us more reasons to be proud Los Gatos Bocce Club members!


2 thoughts on “Bocce Club Pride

  1. LGBC Member Fred A added this message:
    Right now if you donate at Costco, it will match your donation dollar for dollar. The guy ahead of me donated $1000 and humbled me to give much more than I intended and my donation was doubled. That felt pretty good.
    PS: Macy’s will to the same.

    Thx Fred

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