Sandwiches, Guests and Spiders

Great turnout at Oakmeadow tonight. We had some nice guests join us, Fred brought a half-a-dozen of Silicon Valley’s famous
Amato’s sandwiches for the crew, Rich shared a bagful of books and John R brought his ‘A- Game’.

After a voice mail from Ben N regarding a tarantula near the score board, we looked as best as we could and didn’t see our hairy friend tonight. Maybe too cold. Those who play on Saturday mornings might have a better chance of catching a glimpse.

Similar to an earlier post about LGBC Pride, we heard from Duino that he was heading back to support fellow Americans. Here are his words:
“I am on my way back east for a second deployment for the Red Cross. One of these days I will be home to play Bocce Ball. Give my best to all.”
Needless to say, we wish the best and hope he returns safely.

The latest schedule is published and we still have a couple of nights that are un-hosted. If you haven’t yet but indeed wish to host, please let John R know.

Again, great turnout tonight!




2 thoughts on “Sandwiches, Guests and Spiders

  1. Carl-
    Didn’t I sign up to host a night at Campo? I could swear I did, but dont remember the date! We would like to do February 7, as that is Campo’s 16th Birthday! Please let me know!

  2. Ill chat with John R about this. I believe your name was there too, but now its not. Will get back to you on that. I can imagine we would all be honored to help celebrate Campo’s 16th BDay with you.

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