2013 Road To Rome

Once again it’s on, the Bocce Showdown Road to Rome competition at Campo di Bocce in Livermore. Here is a great opportunity to play bocce competitively and the first place prize is a Trip to Rome Italy. Second place prize still gets you moving, but instead of on a plane to Italy, it would be around town with a buddy on a pair of new Vespa Motor Scooters! Third place prize is that you get to play bocce at Campo di Bocce (I might be wrong on the 3rd Place Prize) its going to be awesome!

128 Teams of Two will compete starting Feb 18, 2013 at Campo di Bocce in Livermore. This event is open to the public and almost anyone can enter. They say ‘almost anyone’ because past participants of the USBF National Championships are not eligible. Which cuts out roughly half of our club. Although Rolando and John would look good riding around on some Vespas, Ben has asked those of us who are indeed eligible to join the fun as well as spread the word to your friends.

Call or email Ben, or call Campo di Bocce Livermore (925) 249-9800 for more details.



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